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November 6, 2010

Vegan MoFo #6: Week 1 Wrap Up & Things I'd Rather Be Eating

Thanks for all of your nice comments on my mostly unappetizing last post (I don't care how delicious a smoothie is, oral surgery is just gross). My goal was to only blog on weekdays, but since I am confined to my house switching from ice packs to hot compresses between my salt water rinses, I figured why not! I think I am getting used to this blogging every day thing, after all. It took me the whole month of October to post 5 times, and I've already posted 5 recipes in November! Here is a quick recap in case your missed it:

Thursday, November 4: Jennifer's Mushroom Gravy

Friday, November 5: Green Protein Smoothie

My big plans for eats today involve oatmeal, blended soup, and possibly another smoothie. I am pretty sore today and not ready for full blown chewing yet. In lieu of a new recipe today, here are links to things I would rather be eating -- Vegan MoFo posts from week 1 from some of the other 700+ bloggers that are participating. Be sure to check these out!

Post Punk Kitchen: Butternut Rancheros
Vegan Epicurean: Slow Cooked Tempeh, Roasted Red Pepper, and Chanterelles
Midwest Veg: Southern Comfort Caramel Apple Pie
Seitan is my Motor: Mocha Almond Chippers
happyveganface: Taco Soup
JL Goes Vegan: Stuffed Acorn Squash
Vegan Awakening: Penne with Italian Sausage and Cabbage
It Ain't Meat Babe: Seitan a la Bourguignonne
I Eat Trees: Slow Cooker Vegan Bacon and Lentil Soup
Panda With Cookie: Chickpea Broccoli Casserole 
Miss V's Vegan Cookbook: Brussels Sprouts, two ways
Cook. Vegan. Lover: Kale, Squash, and Apple White Pizza
Vegan Stephen: Red Lentil Soup
Choosing Raw: Vegan Herb Mashed Potatoes
An Opera Singer in the Kitchen: Tangy Eggplant Dip
Mo Betta Vegan: Vegan Menudo
Adventures in Veg: Yellow Curry with Butternut Squash
La Vida Vegga: Butterscotch Pumpkin Pudding
Super Vegan!: Zucchini "Crab" Cakes
Singer Eats: Chickpea Noodle Soup
Vegan Soul Power!: Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Snarky Vegan: White Trash Tater Tot Casserole
The Life: French Toast
meansoybean: Pan-fried Butternut Squash Cake
C'est La Vegan: Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Thyme Bomb: Maple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

Keep the posts coming MoFo'ers! For now I've got to get back to icing my jaw and spending some quality time in front of the fire with these cuties.


  1. Woo Hoo! Great job on the posting this week! (I didn't think I could pull off five, either, but surprise, surprise!) Thanks so much for including my Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe! Isn't MoFo FUN?! I'm trying a few new recipes tonight.

  2. Thanks so much for including me too. Great job posting all five days. I didn't make it due to cat surgery but I am trying to make up for it this weekend.

    Sorry to hear your seem to be doing worse today. I hope you are better soon.

    Love the pic of the fur kids in front of the fire. They are clearly very intelligent!

    try to enjoy your weekend,

  3. I went through a lot of orthodontics and extractions when I was young. So I know how you feel... hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for mentioning my recipe!

  4. thanks for the shout-out, Sarah! i hope your mouth is back to being pain-free super soon, my friend. having teeth taken out = sadface. when i was little my mouth was soooo super overcrowded. they had to remove 5 baby teeth at one point and another 6 adult ones just a few years later. needless to say i have room for my wisdom teeth and i hope it stays that way. i can't imagine having fll blown oral surgery. eek! up, enjoy lots of squidgy stuff, and i hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend! i'm gonna go check out some of those links now. thanks!

  5. Thank you so much for including me!! I hope you feel better soon, Sarah!

  6. Cute kitties!! :) A whole week went by can you believe it?? Thanks for the mention! Looking forward reading more of your posts.

  7. Thanks for including me! I just bookmarked a bunch of those recipes you shared. One of the things I love about Vegan MoFo is all the new recipes!

  8. Panda With Cookie: posting sub-par photos of delicious food for you!

  9. oh my goodness, is that kitty picture for real? Too cute!

  10. your kitties are adorable! I was just thinking about getting our kitties soft beds to lay in. Love the green protein smoothie, I made a variation of yours for hubby and I, thanks!


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