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June 9, 2009

The piece of broccoli that got away

Allow me to apologize in advance for this blog post which is about to be about my cats. I like to assume that everyone finds them as interesting as I do. This is food related so I consider it fair game.

I have two cats both under 2 years old--Evie the brown tabby, and Arnold the orange tabby. Evie is the most curious, she is always wondering what you are doing and most of all what you are eating. I found out pretty quickly that if I just let her smell my food that she will go away. I was cooking dinner for some family one night, and before the meal my grandpa was sitting on the couch enjoying some cheese and crackers. Evie circled around him from the arm of the couch to behind him, sniffing around and trying to figure out what was on his plate. I told him to just offer his plate to her so she could get a good sniff and that she would then leave him alone. When he took my advice, she promptly snatched up a piece of cheese in her mouth and ran across the room with it to enjoy it in solitude. I've learned since then that she likes all varieties of cheese, cold, hot and melty, soft, or hard. I left a block of romano cheese on the kitchen table once and came back in the room to catch her knawing on it. As funny as her cheese obsession is, I decided it is probably not healthy for a cat to eat cheese, so she only gets some if she is sneaky enough to get it on her own.

Today I discovered that she feels the same way about broccoli. A raw broccoli floret fell on the floor of the kitchen and she quickly snatched it up and ran to the living room with it to attempt eating it. Luckily my camera was nearby to catch the hilarity. (Click pics for larger view)
Arnold was curious about what she had, but as it turns out he isn't much of a veggie eater.
I just about fell over when I saw her putting it in her mouth with her paws!

Oh, cats!

You totally enjoyed that post, you know it..


  1. This has made my day in so many ways!

  2. Mike's cat, Azriel, LOVES cheese as well. She goes nuts over it. My cat, Neko - loves to eat anything and everything. She ate through her food bag, so we had to get a plastic food container to keep her out of the dry food. I thought i'd be safe by putting my plastic bag of French rolls on top of the fridge, but the next morning, i discovered a giant hole in the bag, with almost a complete roll GONE! ... She opens drawers assuming there is food hidden in there all the time! ... smart chick. Love your post! :)

  3. that is hysterical! what a riot. i love that she's putting it in her mouth with her paws too, soooo funny.

    totally enjoyed that post, yes indeed. even though i would be dropping it on the floor intentionally so that i could avoid eating it. ;)

  4. Evie eating the brocolli is a hoot! The veggie lasagna looks and sounds amazing.

  5. Love the post!! I am vegetarian and cat mother to EIGHT! All rescues. Love your site, I'll be back!
    All the best to you, Evie, and Arnold :-)

  6. Haha, I discovered just a few months ago that one of my cats covets broccoli. She snatches it from anywhere she finds it and runs off with it growling. I don't even try to get it off her, I'd be torn to shreds!

  7. Who said cats didn't eat vegetables?!


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