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June 4, 2009

Brooklyn Eggless Breakfast Skillet

I had the awesome opportunity to spend 4 nights in NYC last week. I love love love this city. The first two nights I stayed in Manhattan for business, then headed off Saturday afternoon to Brooklyn to visit a great college friend, Meg. I love visiting her and staying in her charming studio apartment, and she was an amazing hostess as always!

She made a special request for the Saturday Morning Breakfast Skillet, and I invited the opportunity to take over her kitchen. This is what a Brooklyn studio apartment kitchen looks like, so cute right?!

She had the groceries ready and waiting for me, with one exception, eggs. Meg is vegan, so as a substitute for eggs she picked up smokey tempeh strips, aka fakin' bacon... YUM! We started with two large red skin potatoes, and then added the veggies that she had on hand: red and green bell peppers, onions, and baby bellas. We fried the tempeh in a separate pan until browned on both sides.

She didn't have all purpose seasoning salt so we dug through her cabinet for alternatives and decided to give turmeric a try. The turmeric ended up playing off of the smokey tempeh beautifully! We topped the skillet off with a bit vegan cheese and some salt and pepper. Amazing! I didn't even miss the eggs..

I'm now on the hunt for this flavor of tempeh, I was a huge fan. I can imagine the vegan BLT's now..

And just for fun, here is a picture of Meg's cat, Silly. She kept me company while I was away from my own kitties this weekend.

Thanks again, Meg, for having me, and for putting up with my touristy, vacationing, non-urban self. I am forever indebted to you for forcing you to be a tourist in your own city. Can I repay you in skillets?


  1. My vegan breakfast? Toast. Or oatmeal. Or fruit. Veggies & tempeh sounds mighty good, though.

  2. Breakfast skillets are amazing! This version looks mighty tasty. I also like doing a Mexican themed skillet with chorizo (they have some great vegetarian chorizo available).

  3. It was amazing... Let me tell you. And yes, the Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo would have been awesome in it however I didn't get there during my grocery run so we had to go with the tempeh.

    Thanks again Sarah... it was a good breakfast and a fun visit :)


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