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June 9, 2009

Dill Tofu Spread

OK, I promise that this will be the last post having anything to do with my trip to New York. When I needed a quick snack Meg fed me some Dill Tofu Spread on top of a rice cake. This spread is a quick and healthy snack, with a very short list of ingredients.

Spread silken tofu onto a rice cake, bagel, or other starch of your choice. Sprinkle on some salt and dill, and you have yourself a very low calorie, high protein substitute for cream cheese. 1 rice cake topped with this spread totals about 60 calories, and a very satisfying 60 calories at that.

Using silken tofu in this snack has inspired me to seek out some new recipes for this versatile product. I've seen it used in place of cheese in lasagnas and dips, and in place of eggs in scramblers and egg salad. What are your favorite uses for silken tofu? Have a great recipe? Please share!


  1. This sounds like a really healthy and delicious spread - yum!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. this looks good!i've made sauces with silken tofu that were really good. i also here its good in smoothies or milkshakes, but i've never tried that.


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